Friday, September 18, 2009

Quick choker

I improvised this pattern based on my own neck size, total length is a (stretchy) 12.5 inches. I used a stash button and pendant. It’s a base of a triple (U.S. term) crochet stitch, so all you have to know is triple and chain.

Ch. 6, turn.
Tr into chains 5 and 6.
* Ch 5, turn.
Tr into top of chain from row below.
Ch 4, turn.
2 tr.
Ch 4, turn.

2 tr. **
Repeat * to ** 5x.
Ch 5, turn.
Tr into top of chain from row below and finish.

Weave in ends. Attach button to beginning triple crochets; use end loop as button hole.

NOTE: Using the pattern this way,

the button would be slightly off-center in back if attached pendant is centered between two solid triple crochet sections.

Suggestion: If you use a fancy button, this could be the front rather than the back of the choker.

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