Friday, September 18, 2009


Magic ring start - 6 sc. Use stitch marker for end of each round.

Add 6 sc per round up to 42 sc (7 rounds).

Maintain at 42 sc until hat fits over head and ends approx. midway over forehead (12 rounds in this pattern, crocheting fairly loosely - I am finding on a second time around that a tighter stitch makes 11 an alright count for a smaller head).

New round: 17 sc; chain 8 (I chained 7 for the smaller 'girlie' version in order to give the wearer a better opportunity to see); 3sc in each chain back to base (21sc); sc in next 2 spaces. Repeat 5 times (6 times total, 6 tentacles). Sc to end of round.

Sc in each of 42 stitches for next two rounds.

Finish hat, weave in ends. Add stitch-on googly eyes.

Wings (make 2; turn at end of each line): Ch 3
2 sc, ch 1
2 sc, ch 3
2 sc in ch, 2 hdc in sc, ch 1
2 sc, ch 4
3 sc in ch, 2 hdc in sc, ch 1
3 sc, ch 5
4 sc in ch, 3 hdc in sc.
From this point do not finish, instead, ch 2 and make 7 sc across the top (flat side) of the current wing.

Use thinner (scrap) yarn to stitch wings onto back. I covered the edge where I joined the hat and wove ends in.

Please, please, please! Feel free to message me if there’s anything that is unclear/hard to follow here.
Also: International crocheters - I’m in the US using US verbiage (sc/hdc).

And now, introducing:

Smaller, "girlie" version of the hat.

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